• Enhanced Versatility for Sample Gas Pumps

Analytical Instrumentation

Enhanced Versatility for Sample Gas Pumps

Feb 20 2015

Sample gas pumps from Bühler Technologies (Germany) are the beating hearts of many gas analysis systems around the world. Widely used by both OEM and end users, the pumps have a rugged design, are made from corrosion resistant materials and thus offer a long service life. Bühler recently launched the P1.xx Series which has widened the range of applications by introducing some new features thus making the pump series even more versatile for the user.

The P1 is available in two versions. The P1.1 is designed for direct installation in stationary or mobile analysis systems. The pump includes an IP00 rated open electric drive. The P1.1E provides an IP 20 rated vented cover and can be used as a stand-alone unit. The P1.2 and 1.2 E Series are ideal for analysis of flammable gases in Group II hazardous locations, equipment protection level (EPL) 3G, gas group IIB and temperature class T4 and is ready for rapid delivery. The extension to this product range enables the safe, reliable analysis of a large group of gases with flammable components and solvents, for examples methane in biogas or processes containing ethanol. The Atex code is II 3G/- c IIB T4.

All versions are now available with an integrated adjustable by-pass valve. This allows to pre set flow rates below the max. flow of 280 Nl/h and eliminates the need for separate regulators. All pumps of the P1.xx series are feature the same one piece PTFE basic bellow design as with all Bühler sample gas pumps. All other wetted parts are made from PTFE or equally resistant materials. The power supply is either 115V/60Hz or 230V/50 Hz. All pumps have a compact design, are easy to install and come with support and shock absorbers.

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