Petro Industry News 24.1 - Feb/Mar 2023


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Fuel for Thought

- Tribology experts to head to Bari for ECOTRIB 2023
- CEM conference on Emission Monitoring - Call for Papers
- North America set to lead global renewable refinery capacity additions through 2026

Analytical Instrumentation

- Importance of penetration testing for studying the longevity and effectiveness for a wide variety of lubricating greases
- Rapid Quantification of P, S, Cl, and Ca in Vegetable Oils - without Sample Preparation
- Innovative use of nano particles to develop an Environment Friendly Water based High Performance Lubricant
- A methodology of semi-quantification in complex mixture using direct infusion Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

Measurement & Testing

- A tale of two reconciliations: Recent experiences from conducting ‘top-down’ methane measurement
- SMR Hydrogen yield improvement and CO2 emissions reduction using cryogenics
- Unintended Introduction of Oxygen into Gas Export Systems as a Result of the Use of Flare Gas Recovery Systems

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PIN 24.4 August 2023

August 2023

In This Edition Articles - Climate-Friendly Flaring Vent Gas Analysis To Ensure Complete Combustion - Some Recent Advancements in Wind Energy Technologies - For the latest developments in a...

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Sep 26 2023 Sao Paolo, Brazil

Waste & Recycling Expo

Sep 26 2023 Toronto, Canada

Chemistry. Oil & Gas

Sep 26 2023 Minsk, Belarus


Sep 26 2023 Basel, Switzerland

Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

Sep 27 2023 Bremen, Germany

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