Petro Industry News 23.6 Buyers Guide


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- A Comprehensive Bibliography of Who’s Who in the Petrochemical, Hydrocarbon and Oil related industries

Fuel for Thought

- First well decommissioning guidelines for CO2 storage
- Neptune Energy confirms new discovery in the Norwegian Sea

Analytical Instrumentation

- What Does The Dropping Point Test Really Mean For Greases: An In Depth Look
- UN begin negotiations to end plastic pollution

Measurement & Testing

- Comprehensive Summary Of Quantification Capabilities Of Methane Emissions Using Airborne Hyperspectral Camera
- Why Do Refineries Need Ai Driven Analysis? Or, Get Your Analyzer To Work For You
- Contemporary Advances On Converting Marine Plastic Waste Into Ready To Use Fuels
- Streamlining The Use Of Ai Machine Learning In The Chemical Industry: Chemometrics

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Digital Edition

PIN 25.2 Apr/May

May 2024

Safety - Carbon monoxide toxic and flammable gas detection Analytical Instrumentation - Density: A fundamental parameter at critical stages within the petroleum sector - Advancements and...

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