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NEO Monitors AS was founded in 2003 as a commercial part of Norsk Elektro Optikk AS (NEO). Today, NEO Monitors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of TDLAS gas and dust analyzers, based on over 30 years of high-risk research and development in electro-optics and laser technology.

NEO Monitors develops and supplies tailored solutions (LaserGas™ and LaserDust™) for measuring gas and dust in all types of industries worldwide.

The analyzers are typically used for:

1. Process optimization,

2. Continuous emission monitoring,

3. Safety applications.

The analyzers can measure more than 40 gases and their combinations. They are used in numerous applications in all kinds of industries such as cement, chemical / petrochemical, oil and gas, energy, pulp and paper, environment, fertilizer and many more.

NEO Monitors has more than 40 distributors spread across all continents. It is the fastest growing European company in this niche, with over 18 000 analyzers installed (2020). The analyzers meet different requirements in the industry, from monitoring gas in stacks, pipes, ducts and process chambers to monitoring the safety of workers and environmental functions.

NEO Monitors AS was acquired by the Nederman Group in 2017.


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