Analytical Instrumentation

Unique, comprehensive analytical solutions for sulfurs and other compounds in fuels, gases, and petrochemicals

May 17 2021

Author: Shimadzu Corporation on behalf of Shimadzu Japan

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The sulfur content of fuels, gases, and petrochemicals must be measured and limited to comply with environmental regulations and ensure process efficiency with respect to catalysts used during refining. This issue of Shimadzu Journal highlights a range of reliable solutions for analysis of sulfur content in fuels and petrochemicals, as well as other content related to analytical workflows in the hydrocarbon processing industry. Other topics include analysis of aviation fuels and refinery gases, hydrogen for fuel cell use, and lubricant analysis. As COVID‑19 maintains its grip on the world, Shimadzu Corporation would like to express our greatest sympathies to those affected by COVID‑19. We would also like to offer our deepest condolences to the loved ones of those who lost their lives to this disease.

We believe in the power of science, and that it will get us through this pandemic. We have been engaging in various activities to support everyone who fights against COVID‑19. On April 20, 2020, we released the “2019 Novel Coronavirus Detection Kit” in Japan. (This kit is Research Use Only and only available in Japan.) On September 8, 2020, we obtained approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for the marketing of the “Ampdirect 2019‑nCoV Detection Kit” for in vitro diagnostics in Japan. In addition, we released the Automated PCR test system, on November 2020 in Japan. We will continue to make every effort to combat this crisis, applying the full capabilities of the Shimadzu Group. Despite the issues caused by COVID‑19, we have continued to develop new applications to support activities in a range of markets. In this issue, we highlight recent trends, the utilization of Shimadzu products, and new applications in the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI).

We start with two interviews in which users intro‑ duce the GC‑SCD and their relationship with Shimadzu. The first is with Dr. Pan Yi, the deputy director of the Chemistry Research Division, National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology. He discusses his relationship with Shimadzu and the reason why Shimadzu was chosen as their partner. In the second one, Dr. Pierre Giusti, the co‑founder and scientific coordinator of the International Joint Laboratory i‑C2MC (Complex Matrices Molecular Characterization), and Dr. Marco Piparo, the GC lab manager at Total, discuss their research and partnership with Shimadzu. An application report from this project, “Reliable Sulphur Detection in Petrochemi‑ stry”, follows the interview.

In addition to the interviews, we highlight three applications. The first one introduces a new analytical method for analysis of fuel as an alternative to the FIA method. The second showcases an analysis of sulfur in fuels by Energy‑Dispersive X‑ray Fluorescence Spectrometry. Lastly, we introduce the use of  frequency‑Modulation Atomic Force Microscopes for analysis of lubricants.

The HPI market, encompassing petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemicals and chemicals, is a foundational field. With a wide range of products, from GC and elemental analyzers to an on‑line water quality analyzer, Shimadzu offers total support for all customers in the HPI market. We hope that this journal will be a great help for all of you. Your generous feedback is always appreciated.

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