• Enhanced Earplug Offers Improved Comfort and Fit


Enhanced Earplug Offers Improved Comfort and Fit

Jan 07 2009

Howard Leight® by Sperian (UK) has technically enhanced its well-known Bilsom® 303 single-use earplug, increasing its level of personal comfort, fit and performance.

Since 1994, the Bilsom 303 single-use earplug has satisfied millions of wearers with its original design. Now under the Howard Leight by Sperian brand umbrella, the Bilsom 303 has been improved to offer an enhanced fit in the ear canal and to increase in-ear comfort over long periods of time. Incorporating patented technology these enhancements represent a significant evolution for the Bilsom 303 earplug.

The Bilsom 303 earplug’s unique foam formulation delivers both in-ear comfort and visibility with the introduction of the Leight Stripe™. The blend of yellow and white polyurethane feels softer both in the hand and in the ear. Its patented polyurethane foam blend expands gently, eliminating tightness in the ear canal providing a more comfortable seal with less pressure expansion. The earplug’s distinct yellow end is highly visible outside the ear canal making compliance checks simple.

Traditional bullet-shaped foam earplugs tend to come out of the ear canal due to fast foam expansion during insertion. Using Howard Leight by Sperian’s material science expertise, the Bilsom 303’s new polyurethane foam formulation is easier to roll-up. Once inserted properly, the Bilsom 303 actively resists moving out of the ear canal, ensuring optimal protection. Its smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents the build-up of dirt on the earplug, thus offering improved hygiene to the user. Moreover, two sizes (large and small) are available to ensure an improved fit for each user, and to optimize attenuation performance (SNR 33) in medium and high noise

Bilsom 303 is available in a wide variety of attractive packaging options designed to improve earplug access and use in noisy areas. Uncorded Bilsom 303 earplugs are available in Leight Source 100, 400 and 500 earplug dispensers improving access to hearing protection, decreasing packaging waste and lowering overall annual hearing protection costs by up to 10%.

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