• Thermal and optical camera system for monitoring hazardous areas


Thermal and optical camera system for monitoring hazardous areas

Feb 06 2023

SeSys’s ATEX and IECEx compliant digital cameras are designed to facilitate remote monitoring in inhospitable, hazardous or explosive areas.

Also known as explosion proof cameras, SeSys cameras reduce the dangers posed to personnel - live video images are accessed via a web browser, allowing users to monitor areas and processes from a safe distance with both optical and/or thermal imaging available. Cameras are connected using PoE (Power over Ethernet), through a single cable installation that is flexible, reliable and safe.

One of the key benefits of ATEX-approved cameras is their ability to provide real-time monitoring of high-risk areas, such as refineries, offshore platforms, and drilling rigs. This allows operators to quickly identify and respond to potential safety hazards, such as leaks or equipment failures, before they become major issues.

The use of ATEX-approved cameras is also in line with the industry's growing focus on sustainability and reducing emissions. By providing more accurate monitoring of operations, these cameras can help companies reduce their environmental impact and meet regulatory requirements.

These devices provide superior image quality; they are now even more light sensitive and have greater resolution sensors offering 6 megapixel low-light technology, which are up to 30 x larger than conventional CCTV images, the full image is recorded even if the live image has zoom applied. If the footage is later required to be used then the full image can be reviewed using the post processing software, which enables any part of the image to have zoom applied.

Camera images can be accessed at a safe distance from a control room or, with enabling hardware, from any location via a web browser, over wireless (wi-fi) or mobile networks, including Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs). SeSy’s cameras integrate with many of the industry’s leading ARC software including Genetec, Milestone and Sentinel.

The cameras also feature integrated recording and image storage of up-to 1TB. Recording can be continuous, or event driven e.g. via activity sensor, motion and sound, which saves on storage. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to search and retrieve recorded events with no requirement to purchase additional video management software.

Alarm/event activation is performed via e-mail alarms, complete with images, thus alerting users to events without the need for constant monitoring. The ATEX camera integrates with most management applications and event triggers can include motion detection, loitering and temperature thresholds (up to 20 in one image).

Low power consumption makes the cameras safe and suitable to be used in locations where there is limited power, and contributes to rapid return on investment. Also interfaces with solar/ wind power and fuel cells.

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