• Gas detection in the oil and petrochemical industry: How to protect your team from invisible dangers


Gas detection in the oil and petrochemical industry: How to protect your team from invisible dangers

May 16 2023

The oil and petrochemical industry is uniquely challenging in many ways: Global transportation networks, economic competition, intense regulations, and its environmental impact must all be considered when you are working on literally fueling the world. It also comes with more dangerous working conditions than many other industries, as hazardous materials, toxic fumes or combustible gases are present in nearly all steps of production and transportation processes. That’s why choosing the right safety equipment is so important.

The ideal approach to gas detection depends entirely on your application: if hazards are associated with specific activities, such as individual workers needing to enter confined spaces, your gas detection strategy should focus more on portable instruments. When you need to make sure that the concentration of hazardous gases does not exceed certain limits in potentially dangerous areas, fixed gas detection systems should be considered as well. Optimal solutions often include both fixed and portable instruments!

GfG has been on the forefront of gas detection for more than six decades, and our experience shows in our products. Whether you want a fixed gas detection system to permanently monitor specific gases in your plant or need portable devices to protect your team in demanding environments, i.e. when working in confined spaces, we will supply you with a custom-tailored safety solution.

In our range of fixed gas detection systems, you will find a number of durable, high-quality transmitters as well as controllers for evaluating their measured values. From our sturdy CC33 stainless-steel transmitter – which can be used even in the most challenging applications (including Ex zones) thanks to its heavy-duty housing – to our intricately designed GMA200-MW16 controller for monitoring up to 16 different measuring points at once, you are sure to find the right devices for your workplace.

You are looking for a more flexible solution instead? No problem at all. Whether you want to detect one or two specific gases using our small and lightweight Micro 5 or need to monitor several different gases at once using the powerful devices of our G888/G999 series, you are sure to find a solution among our wide range of portable gas detectors for different applications and safe use in hazardous areas up to Ex zone 0.

For more information, please visit our website or contact one of our product specialists for a free consultation.

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