• Communication Interface for Industrial Recorders and Data-acquisition Equipment Passes ODVA`s Conformance Test

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Communication Interface for Industrial Recorders and Data-acquisition Equipment Passes ODVA`s Conformance Test

Jul 28 2008

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that its recently developed EtherNet/IP compatible communication interface for industrial recorders and data-acquisition equipment has passed the ODVA* conformance test - a
first in this field. Based on the EtherNet/IP protocol that is gaining acceptance as an industry standard, this interface eliminates the need for dedicated software to connect data-acquisition equipment with other
devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) or temperature controllers, thus simplifying system development. This communication interface will be installed on Yokogawa`s industrial recorders and data
acquisition equipment starting in fiscal year 2008.
Development background: Previously, dedicated software was needed to connect PLCs and other industrial controllers to a network because controllers manufactured by different companies used a variety of
communication protocols. Now that progress is being achieved in standardising the communication protocol used by controllers, users can take advantage of the latest technology and select the most suitable equipment, without restrictions. The EtherNet/IP protocol supported by ODVA is widely used, especially in North America, and is increasingly being adopted by many manufacturers in Japan.
Although progress has been achieved with PLCs and more of these controllers are compatible with EtherNet/IP, the communication interfaces of industrial recorders, data-acquisition equipment, and other devices have not been standardised. With the increasing importance of data acquisition in visualising production line and other plant operations so as to conserve energy and improve quality and productivity, the prompt standardisation of these instruments is expected.

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