• Future-proof solution for analysis of ever decreasing sulfur levels in fuel

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Future-proof solution for analysis of ever decreasing sulfur levels in fuel

Apr 20 2016

Governmental programs worldwide like the EURO 6, TIER 3, Bharat 3, and China 5 are continuously in development to decrease environmental pollution. One of the consequences is that the maximum allowed amount of sulfur in fuels is becoming lower and lower. Currently, analysis of sulfur in fuels is carried out according to international methods such as ASTM D 5453 and ISO 20846. The lower limits of these international norms have been set at 1.0 mg/kg sulfur or 1 ppm for ASTM D5453, and 3 mg/kg or 3 ppm for ISO 20846. To get accurate and repeatable results at this level of sulfur content analysis, an elemental combustion analyser is necessary. TE Instruments offers the XPLORER-S as future-proof solution for analysis of ever decreasing sulfur levels in fuel.

Combining decent scientific analysis together with an accessible, user-friendly, operating system can be seen as a challenge for each equipment manufacturer. TE Instruments is convinced to have overcome this challenge with the XPLORER series combustion analysers. Over 35 years of combined experience formed the basis of our solution to analyse ever decreasing levels of sulfur in fuels.

Fully automated introduction of gasoline and (bio)diesel samples into the XPLORER-S is handled autonomously by the ARCHIE liquids auto sampler. The ARCHIE and XPLORER-S form a perfect match, enabling sample analysis in the most convenient way. The ARCHIE creates a calibration line out of a single CRM standard using a dilution range which the XPLORER-S uses to analyse the samples. A prime example of teamwork, enabling the operator to calibrate and analyse a sample queue completely unattended. Upon return of the operator spot-on, repeatable results shall reveal:


Conc. Sulfur


RSD (%)


Biodiesel A



Biodiesel B



Regular Diesel A



Regular Diesel B



Even for a biodiesel sample who’s sulfur concentration lies near the lower limit of international methods the results show a RSD well below 2%. Detailed information like example peaks, system description and calibration lines can be found in the Application Notes section on our website. With the XPLORER-S and ARCHIE liquids auto sampler you are assured of accurate ultra-low sulfur analysis in fuel samples for now and in the future.

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