• Run your business smarter with a flow measurement solution from Siemens

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Run your business smarter with a flow measurement solution from Siemens

Aug 17 2011

The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges in accounting for what and how much is flowing through a pipeline at any given moment - challenges that can impact a company’s reputation and profit margin. Siemens can help. The Siemens SITRANS F US line of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters performs accurate and reliable flow measurement for a wide range of oil and gas applications.

The versatile SITRANS FUT1010 has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the oil industry. The meter’s maintenance-free TransLoc mounting system means that the sensors are mounted permanently on the outside of the pipe, preventing contact with the medium. This allows for flow calibration and subsequent use in applications requiring custody transfer accuracy, and avoids clogging by high-paraffin liquids. The liquid version of SITRANS FUT1010 meets OIML R117 and API requirements, making it ideal for custody transfer pipeline, terminal, refinery and transportation applications. The gas version is compliant with AGA-9 and features an internal AGA-8 table that allows the meter to report standard volume flow without a separate volume-compensating flow computer. Application examples include production wells, underground storage, gas processing and power plants. For both the liquid and gas versions of the SITRANS FUH1010, final preparations are currently underway to allow the ordering of PED-approved meters acceptable for use within the European Union and CRN for use in the Canadian Provinces.

The oil industry can also benefit from SITRANS FUH1010, which is capable of measuring flow in even the most demanding conditions where traditional flowmeters might falter or fail. The meter is available in three different versions. SITRANS FUH1010 Standard Volume performs accurate standard volume and mass flow measurement and is suitable for high-end applications carrying multiple liquids and liquids with varying viscosities. SITRANS FUH1010 Precision Volume dynamically compensates for viscosity changes as liquid properties change for continuous correction of Reynolds number. It can be used for leak detection, scraper and pig detection, and in chemical processing applications. SITRANS FUH1010 Interface Detector offers extremely precise interface, crude oil and multi-product identification. It is appropriate for oil applications that require differentiation between various liquids in a pipeline and determination of liquid quality.

SITRANS FUG1010 brings unmatched durability to the gas industry, with the ability to tolerate the harshest wet gas environments in which most competing meters cannot perform. SITRANS FUG1010 features an internal AGA-8 table for standard volume computation, gas interface software that facilitates data extraction and enables identification of gas type, and immunity to most pressure-reducing valve noises. It is in compliance with the American Gas Association’s AGA-10 speed of sound measurement practice. Also available as a pre-configured portable check metering kit, SITRANS FUG1010 is ideal for lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) analysis, allocation measurement, flow survey verification, product well testing, underground storage applications and gas-fired power stations.

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