• Flow measurement on a budget - without sacrificing performance

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Flow measurement on a budget - without sacrificing performance

Oct 19 2011

In today’s turbulent economy, many businesses are finding it necessary to make difficult financial decisions in order to cut costs and remain profitable. This includes the water and wastewater industries – but what can these industries actually do to limit expenses without endangering health, safety or the environment? When it comes to affordable yet high-quality flow measurement solutions, Siemens can help.

Siemens offers the SITRANS FST020 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter, an optimal alternative to more complex flow measurement solutions for the water and wastewater industries. Available at a much lower cost than other clamp-on meters, the SITRANS FST020 is capable of basic flow functionalities and demonstrates the same high level of performance and reliability as any other flow product from Siemens.

The SITRANS FST020 features one-channel configuration options that make product selection straightforward, along with RS232 communication and a user-friendly design to ensure easy setup. The meter has an impressive accuracy range of 0.5-1% and can be installed on any pipe size up to DN 9140 (360").

One of the keys to the SITRANS FST020 is its external sensors, which can be mounted quickly and easily on the outside of the pipe. By eliminating the need to cut the pipe and stop the flow when installing the meter, companies can save a great deal of time, effort and money. Maintenance costs are also reduced, as the sensors never come into contact with the fluid and therefore do not require periodic cleaning.

The sensors of the SITRANS FST020 feature patented WideBeam technology that increases flow measurement precision by reducing sensitivity to changes in the fluid. These sensors optimize the signal-to-noise ratio by utilizing the resonance frequency of the pipe wall to transmit the sound signal into the media. This produces a particularly strong, focused and coherent signal.

The SITRANS FST020 is ideal for measuring a diverse range of water and wastewater applications, including retrofit applications and those containing corrosive, toxic or high-pressure liquids (e.g. potable water, influent/effluent wastewater, processed sewage and sludge). As the meter can measure practically any clean liquid, it is also appropriate for use by the HVAC, power, chemical and general processing industries.

The SITRANS FST020 from Siemens: accuracy, convenience and affordability all in one.

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