• Save Time & Protect Your Equipment with the Ralston Quick-test™ Connection System

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Save Time & Protect Your Equipment with the Ralston Quick-test™ Connection System

Dec 07 2021

The Ralston Quick-test™ connection system of low volume, high pressure hoses and corresponding fittings and adapters is a game changer. It consistently outperforms other quick connects and allows for a faster, safer workflow without the need for wrenches and thread sealant.

Repeated wrenching on high quality references and precision fittings can wear out threads and cause a loss of calibration or damage to the equipment. Protect your investment and speed up pressure testing and maintenance tasks by adapting your reference gauges and process connections to Ralston Quick-test™ fittings. 

Convert any standard tube fitting, NPT, BSPP and BSPT threads, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure calibrators to Ralston Quick-test™ once, and you’ll be able to connect and reconnect in seconds. The unique, integrated o-ring pressure seal forms a secure seal capable of sustaining high pressure. The more pressure that’s applied, the better the seal, so you’re guaranteed to have fast, leak-free connections -- every time. Easily connect and disconnect with just your fingers, and safely vent pressure while still connected without the danger of hoses whipping around. 

With a reflective outer cover that reduces temperature sensitivity, Ralston Quick-test™ hoses have a small inner diameter with a reinforced inner core that prevents twisting and bending. So whether you’re creating pressure hydraulically or pneumatically, less media is needed to generate and sustain the pressure required.

Quick-test adapters and hoses are compatible for all major pressure media, applications and connection standards with options up to 10,000 psi. We offer a wide selection of adapters and our Ralston Quick-test™ Adapter Search Tool makes it easy to find the exact process adapter, pressure gauge adapter, calibrator adapter, tee, or union to work with all standard connections in the field.

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