• Reporting Ultra Low Mercury Concentrations in Environmental Samples  

Measurement and Testing

Reporting Ultra Low Mercury Concentrations in Environmental Samples  

Aug 31 2010

The Millennium Merlin (liquid) and Sir Galahad (gaseous) from PS Analytical (UK) provide industry leading performance for fundamental sensitivity when measuring the mercury concentration in a wide variety of matrices.

The Millennium Merlin instrument is capable of measuring concentrations of mercury down to 0.1 ng/l (sub ppt) levels in liquid samples and the Sir Galahad has a detection limit below 0.1 ng/m3. However, it is important to realise that the instruments also have a wide linear dynamic range and are capable of accurate and reliable measurement of mercury over 7 orders of magnitude. This allows liquid samples to be analysed in the mg/l or ppm range and gaseous samples up to the µg/m3 range without dilution.

A further benefit in using atomic fluorescence as the detection mode for mercury analysis is that it is highly specific for mercury detection and there are no known interferences in this analytical technique. The systems are easy to use and have proven over more than 25 years that they are rugged and reliable in operation – allowing a mercury result to be provided in under 2 minutes.

As well as providing laboratory instrumentation, P S Analytical offer both liquid and gaseous system for continuous on-line operation to meet accepted international safety standards. Many of these systems have been running unattended on a 24/7 basis throughout the world.

Atomic fluorescence is widely accepted by legislative bodies as the technique of choice for mercury analysis in a range of matrices from oil and gas to potable water.

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