• Mercury and Petrochemicals P S Analytical – Experience, Performance, Reliability and Support

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Mercury and Petrochemicals P S Analytical – Experience, Performance, Reliability and Support

Dec 07 2023

Petrochemical plant managers are only too aware of the implications of discovering mercury contamination in the process. Even at ultra-low concentrations, Mercury is highly corrosive to a gas plant’s components and infrastructure; it will poison costly, downstream precious metal catalysts and expose personnel to extremely toxic conditions.

It is for this reason that plants and refineries spend a fortune annually removing even the smallest concentrations of mercury from their gas and liquid sample streams. One of the main expenditure priorities is optimising the mercury removal system’s efficiency; this requires precise and dependable monitoring and measurement of mercury levels -  sub part per trillion (ppt) sensitivities being the standard criteria.

For nearly half a century, PSA has been at the forefront of developing and producing cutting-edge instrumentation for providing accurate trace mercury determinations. PSA has partnered with many companies to provide them with the best in mercury monitoring technology and help them manage the removal process. This partnership is nurtured from the research bench through to the production stage, with PSA playing a key role in ensuring that the most successful removal technologies are deployed.

PSA offers analysers suited to all conceivable aspects of the monitoring and analysis of mercury, including both lab and online models for gases and liquids. Recently PSA has provided solutions for speciation (fractionation) analysis as well as wastewater systems in use within petrochemical processes.

Harnessing Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy as the means of detection the PSA’s analysers have always provided superb detection performance. With thousands of systems operating across the globe, and support networks throughout Europe, the US and Southeast Asia, PSA brings their exceptional levels of performance, reliability and support – to the world.

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