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Innov-X Systems XRF Analysis

Jan 14 2008

Innov-X Systems was founded in early 2001 to revitalise the XRF industry with a pioneering approach to portable analysers. When Innov-X delivered the world's first x-ray tube-based portable XRF, a new era in portable XRF began.

We set XRF technology free to live outside the box! We leveraged our experience and knowledge in portable application requirements; highperformance, rugged miniaturised technology; PDA/Pocket PC utilisation; and XRF methodology to engineer our high-performing portable elemental analyser from the ground up. Our universal hardware platform can be configured for hand-held, mobile, benchtop, on-line and OEM applications. Core to the Innov-X business philosophy is our rapid response to custom application requirements. We are committed to delivering cost effective, advanced portable technology solutions to our customers - integral drivers of Innov-X product development efforts and the source of our on-going success. With thousands of our systems already being used worldwide, we are poised to meet the Portable Analytical Application Challenges of the 21st Century. Innov-X Analysers cut across geographical boundaries for true worldwide use. Our analysers are based on a universal hardware platform for ease of configuration and installation. The PC technologies we use offer flexible software, exceptional graphical user interface (GUI), multiple languages, wireless communication, global positioning software and conventional MS Windows architecture for rapid and seamless customisation.

Our headquarters occupies 22,000ft2 of space in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston. Innov-X Systems has full service offices in Europe (Netherlands) and Asia (Hong Kong). We maintain sales management, marketing and service alliances in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and South America (Sao Paulo). Innov-X is a privately held, profitable and
growing firm with exceptional worldwide customer support.

Innov-X Systems combines Point-and-Shoot Simplicity with Pocket PC Power and Advanced Analytical Capabilities for the broad analytical range of P to U. Confirm the absence or presence of a metal. Identify elements and measure concentrations. The Innov-X Handheld XRF performs without transporting, altering, or damaging your samples. You can even take it into the lab if you want to - dock it into a hands-free testing station for AC power and Desktop PC control. There are few samples that haven't been analysed with an Innov-X Portable XRF! Use it for alloys, environmental, security & law enforcement applications! Use it for specialty applications: artistic & historic works, biomedical & pharmaceuticals, bromine, catalysts, coatings & thickness, food, industrial hygiene, mining, paints, petrochemicals, polymers, process chemistry, semiconductors, wear metals, X-ray diffraction screening, and customised applications.
Join in with the thousands of Innov-X customers already solving problems and addressing issues in academia, private industry, institutions and governments. Use the Innov-X Advantage for versatile, affordable, high performance, non-destructive XRF analysis. No other portable XRF is as reliable, flexible and adaptable to so many different applications.

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