• Fox-iq On-line Process Analysers for Automated 100% High Volume Quality Control

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Fox-iq On-line Process Analysers for Automated 100% High Volume Quality Control

Aug 01 2008

NEW from Innov-X Systems Inc,Tube and pipe manufacturers use many different metals and alloys in their production lines. To eliminate liabilities, avoid material mix-ups and to meet their customers’ requirements, they must compare their product against acceptable alloy specifications.

Particularly in the aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear and other demanding industries, the consequences of processing or fabricating with the wrong alloy material can be catastrophic, resulting in product failure, personal injuries, fatalities, liability claims and eventual loss of business. To protect their business, high volume manufacturers need a fast, non-destructive method that checks each piece prior to shipping.

The Fox-IQ on-line tube analysers, from Innov-X Systems (USA) offer these capabilities in an easy to integrate, easy to use, and reliable solution. The compact system integrates easily with existing or new processes and provide continuous on-line measurements to optimize your process for increased productivity and improved product quality.

The Fox-IQ systems perform fully automated on-line analysis for 100% high-volume process control.

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a proven analytical technique commonly used to quickly and non-destructively perform multi-element analysis on solids, liquids and slurries, for example to verify alloy grade and chemistry.

These cost effective rugged process analyzers are designed and engineered for 24/7 operation in the harsh industrial environment of manufacturing plants – it can endure high levels of vibration, electromagnetic and acoustical noise. They offer an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness, with worldwide service. Long-term service contracts are available to assure highest levels of system up-time.

Pass/Fail mode is designed for high-throughput alloy sorting and quality control. All sorting is done by comparing your sample to an operator-selected reference fingerprint. It will provide a PASS or FAIL result in just a few seconds. The system comes with a standard reference library of common alloy fingerprints, though adding your own (up to 300 more) is a simple one minute procedure. Furthermore, once the unit has been taught a fingerprint, it will not need periodic recalibration.

PMI Positive Material Identification quickly identifies an alloy in seconds by matching the spectral signature of the unknown sample to spectral signatures of reference standards stored in the library. The chemistry of the alloy is then calculated by using stored elemental assays using the identified grade as reference standard. Customer’s own materials can be simply and quickly added to the library.

Analytical mode utilizes a Fundamental Parameters (FP) algorithm to determine elemental chemistry. The FP calibration is done at the factory, and requires no user set-up or recalibration. The FP method utilized in Analytical mode is ideal for applications that require analysis of proprietary or uncommon alloys, for monitoring chemistry of tramp elements, or for monitoring chemistry during processing.

The Analytical mode can identify an unknown material in approximately 5 seconds, with increased precision for longer test times.

The Innov-X Fox-IQ system consists of three major industry hardened components, firtly the ‘Probe Head Assembly’, which contains the X-ray tube, detector, and front end Digital Signal Processing electronics. The PHA can be pre-calibrated and its modular design allows exchange in minutes. This system also includes an ‘Electrical Interface Assembly’ which supports an exter­nal sample trigger input, and provides a pass/ fail indicator signal that can be used to trigger a “kicker” or other line equipment like PLC’s to accept or reject the sample, based on the analysis result. Finally, the ‘User Interface Computer’ runs Innov-X PC software to control the instrument, analyze sample, manage results and interface with external devises through RS 485 or TCP/IP.

Users of this instrument will appreciate greatly its 100% Pass / Fail analysis as no tube leaves Innov-X’s plant without being positively verified. The Fox-IQ is operated automatically so no operator intervention is required. This unit offers fast accurate analysis in matter of seconds and its robust industry hardened design requires minimal maintenance. This unit monitors up to 25 elements simultaneously from P to U – from ppm to high % levels. It has minimal downtime; its pre-calibrated Probe Head Assemblies can be exchanged in minutes. Fox-IQ’s compact, robust design fits into most existing operations with minimal infrastructure changes it also has low power requirements: needs only 110/220V and the low cost low power X-ray tube eliminating the regulatory headaches of a radioactive source. Also part of the package is integrated standardization for automatic analyser QC and performance verification, remote diagnostics and simple intuitive control, which allows for minimal user intervention and makes it easy to add new alloys.

Innov-X Systems also supply portable and handheld alloy analysers for pass/fail, PMI verification.

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