• Real-Time Hydrogen Monitoring in Synthesis Gas Applications

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Real-Time Hydrogen Monitoring in Synthesis Gas Applications

Dec 16 2020

New HY-OPTIMA 2745 delivers real-time measurement with no cross-sensitivity to other gases in the stream and is up to 50% CO tolerant

H2scan, a leading provider of proven, proprietary hydrogen sensors and technologies for utilities and industrial markets, announced today the release of its latest product in the HY-OPTIMA™ line of sensors. The HY-OPTIMA 2745 hydrogen specific analyzer is designed to deliver real-time measurement of hydrogen levels in synthesis gas (syngas), with no cross sensitivity to high concentrations of CO.

Increasing global energy demand has driven interest in syngas, which can be used as an alternative energy fuel. Syngas also provides a way to turn waste gases, such as CO2 produced by power plants or factories, into usable fuels. Syngas is composed mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, with carbon dioxide sometimes also present. There are various methods of producing syngas, such as gasification from different feedstocks (coal, natural gas, or biomass / waste products), partial oxidation, steam methane reforming, or autothermal reforming.

The most common use of Syngas is for production of hydrogen, with the hydrogen then sold as a separate product and the residual gases recycled to be used as fuel for a steam methane reformer. Additionally, syngas can be used for production of synthetic petroleum, as a fuel or lubricant for internal combustion engines or as an intermediate for the production of other chemicals.

Importance of HY-OPTIMA™ 2745 Hydrogen Measurement

Hydrogen measurement in syngas is important as it indicates the quality of the syngas produced. Historically, this was done using either a thermal conductivity device to measure hydrogen or 
by measuring the other components and assuming everything else was hydrogen. This assumption can result in costly inefficiencies in the production process.

H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ 2745 hydrogen-specific analyzer is the best measurement solution that provides a cost effective and real-time measurement of hydrogen in syngas streams. The solid state, non-consumable sensor technology, that is used in thousands of successful installations worldwide, provides continuous hydrogen concentration data with no cross-sensitivity to other gases in the stream, including CO (up to 50% CO tolerant). No reference or carrier gas systems are required to reliably and accurately report real-time hydrogen measurements with fast response times.

“The use of syngas is growing rapidly throughout the world, particularly where gasification can be used to produce high value products from low value feedstocks. Proper hydrogen measurement is absolutely critical in ensuring quality syngas production,” said Michael Nofal, VP Sales and Business Development for H2scan. “Real-time hydrogen measurement removes the uncertainty from this process, and having this information available in real time allows syngas production to be tightly controlled to ensure process optimization.”

Real-time hydrogen measurement allows an end user to adjust the hydrogen and carbon ratios to ensure maximum efficiency. For example, a typical adjustment could be adding water to increase the hydrogen percentage, or removing water to increase the carbon monoxide percentage.


Syngas-optimized HY-OPTIMA™ 2745 sensors are currently available for sale. For more information on H2scan and its hydrogen sensors, visit www.h2scan.com

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