• New inline hydrogen sensor offers real-time, continuous, calibration-free measurement

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New inline hydrogen sensor offers real-time, continuous, calibration-free measurement

Aug 02 2021

H2scan recently announced that they have started shipping prototypes of the new HY-OPTIMA™ 5000 Series of inline hydrogen sensors which were designed and manufactures for the process industries.

The new analyser offers unsurpassed precision, tolerance, and affordability for a hydrogen process gas measurement solution for industrial markets. It is optimised for growing, cost-sensitive applications such as the power-to-gas market - hydrogen blending into natural gas pipelines, electrolysers and other process applications, including labs, alternative energy, hydrogen-cooled generators and turbines.

HY-OPTIMA 5000 sensors operate using the same patented autocalibration technology as the highly popular H2scan GRIDSCAN 5000 and legacy sensors. H2scan has more than 15,000 transformer sensors installed worldwide none of which have needed recalibration since the 2012 launch.

The HY-OPTIMA 5000 Series utilise a solid-state, non-consumable sensor for direct hydrogen measurement in process gas streams. The HY-OPTIMA 5000 sensor package is compact, weighs only 1 pound and is 5.9 inches/155 mms long and 1.6 inches/40 mms wide/deep. This small size is possible thanks to H2scan’s revolutionary 1.2 million-transistor application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). This inline, marine compatible hydrogen sensor is IP68 rated and can be submerged in up to 30 feet of water for up to two weeks

The new instrument introduces the first auto-calibration feature and is perfect for stand-alone installations or OEM integration into existing analysers. The HY-OPTIMA 5000 Series is ideal for use in gas streams in which real-time, hydrogen-specific measurements will improve plant efficiency, increase yield whilst reducing maintenance costs, and be part of the green hydrogen economy. 

After deployment and field calibration, the patented auto calibration feature puts an end to drift and the necessity of regular calibrations. That’s all the maintenance needed; communication with the unit is through serial communication using Modbus RTU over RS485. 

The general purpose analyser monitors hydrogen directly in process gas streams without cross sensitivity to other gases. H2Scan intend to launch hazardous area rated models in 2022. The HY-OPTIMA 5000 range includes the Model 5031, 5033, and 5034 analysers, which are for use in non-condensing gas streams and operate whether hydrogen is present or not.

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