• 10 Years Eralytics: Performance You Can Rely On

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10 Years Eralytics: Performance You Can Rely On

Apr 26 2017

In 2007 four industry insiders set out to revolutionise the petroleum testing industry by designing analysers that make testing of petroleum and oil products faster, easier and more reliable. The first product that was launched was ERAVAP. At that time, ERAVAP was the only fully automated vapor pressure tester that featured a color touchscreen and a modern industry PC with USB and Ethernet interfaces. ERAVAP was accepted by the industry with much enthusiasm and has been the corner stone for the rapid expansion of eralytics. Step by step the eralytics product line expanded year by year with the fuel analyser ERASPEC, the environmentally friendly oil-in-water tester ERACHECK PRO, the safest flash point tester ERAFLASH and the lube oil analyser ERASPEC OIL. In 2014 we introduced our first online analyser ERAVAP ONLINE and soon afterwards the 10 position auto sampler flash point tester ERAFLASH S10.

Over the years eralytics followed a path of steady improvements to the existing product line, which led to the introduction of a graphical visualisation of the ongoing measurement on the touchscreen. This simple change earned much praise giving operators a better understanding of the actual measurement. Generally speaking, eralytics’ key advantage over the years was its flexibility adopting the instruments software to new needs or even upgrading the hardware if necessary. This flexibility for example led to the development of a low temperature option for ERAVAP that allows vapor pressure measurements down to -20°C or a high viscosity option that makes the vapor pressure measurement of viscous crude oils or lubricants possible. Another upgrade of ERAVAP over the years is the so called Pure SamplingTM Valve Technology which minimises the risk of cross contaminations between samples.

The asset of our lab units is that all of them were designed around usability for the operator but also for the service technician. To access the internals of the analyzer for recalibration is a matter of seconds and all necessary parts are easily accessible. No complex dismantling of the instrument is needed at any time.

At the end of 2016 eralytics released its next generation of analysers for the petroleum industry. They feature a highly rugged 8-inch touch screen where you can tap, swipe and scroll through your measurement data like you are used to from your smartphone. The new front USB connectors further speed up data downloads from the instruments, which makes operating eralytics analysers another notch easier and faster. Since then eralytics first new analyser branded with this next generation design was ERACHECK ECO which combines ecology with an economical price for the CFC-free determination of oil-in-water. In the meanwhile all eralytics analysers have been upgraded to this next generation design.

Looking back at the last 10 years we can say with a clear conscience that eralytics started as a small rebel that became a well renowned worldwide brand. All this success is based on the fundamental claim “performance you can rely on” that underlies all of our decisions.

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