• New analysers for accurate and reliable low-TOC measurement in water

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New analysers for accurate and reliable low-TOC measurement in water

Oct 19 2022

Endress+Hauser have recently expanded their liquid analysis product range in the power and energy, personal care and disinfectant production sectors with the CA78 and CA79 online total organic carbon (TOC) analysers, to facilitate a high level of water quality and a safer working environment.

TOC is a crucial quality parameter in manufacturing and process environments that require ultrapure water. If TOC levels are too high, it can have an adverse effect on the efficiency of water treatment systems, compromise precision equipment and contaminate batches. Endress + Hauser’s new online TOC analysers offer continuous precision monitoring to enable stable operations, compliance to local and international regulations and a high level of quality for the final product..

The CA78 and CA79 analysers operate with the use of proven UV-oxidation and differential conductivity measurement, the favoured method for dependable and precise TOC trace measurement in ultrapure water. The rapid response time (t90) of 50 seconds allows quick control system and reaction in when water quality problems are detected thus alleviating the dangers of costly contamination and product loss.

Endress + Hauser’s user-friendly, modular design with easy access to the instruments’ components ensure simple maintenance while lowering operating costs; their global service network gives operators total measuring point management for the entire plant lifecycles, from installation qualification to operational qualification.

The CA78 analyser facilitates safe operations in many applications in the power and energy, personal care product and disinfectant manufacturing such as safeguarding turbines and other costly power plant equipment, assuring disinfectant efficacy and product quality in the personal care sector. 

The CA78 can be configured to meet the stringent needs of the power and semiconductor industries. For example: the instrument option for measuring water with conductivity values close to 10 µS/cm is ideal for deionised water in power plants. When multiple TOC measuring points are required, the 3-channel configuration enables multiple streams to be run through one device, reducing expenditure significantly.

The new CA78 and CA79 analysers have enabled Endress+Hauser to round out their liquid analysis solutions for critical parameter measurement. The CA78 supplements Memosens CLS15E contacting conductivity sensors, Liquiline System CA80SI silica analysers, CA76NA sodium analysers, and SWAS panels for dependable, low-maintenance solutions in a range of different industries The CA79 complements the Memosens CPS61E pH sensor, Memosens COS81E oxygen sensor, and Memosens CLS82E conductivity sensor for critical parameter measurement in pharmaceutical production. The analysers store vital process, calibration, and sensor data locally, with transmission to a central process control and documentation hub, which is particularly important for end users in highly-regulated industries. 

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