• SVM 1101 Simple Fill: Density and Viscosity Measurements in the Petroleum Industry

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SVM 1101 Simple Fill: Density and Viscosity Measurements in the Petroleum Industry

Dec 12 2023

The density and viscosity of base oils, lubricants, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and fuels represent important quality control parameters in the petroleum industry. Typically, the density of these products is measured at 15 °C, but occasionally certification at 20 °C is also required. In addition, API gravity, a measure of the weight of a liquid relative to water, is used to compare the density of petroleum products and to classify crude oils.

When finished petroleum products are characterized, specification according to international standards is usually required. For density, this involves ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, and ISO 12185.

Kinematic viscosity, on the other hand, is typically measured at 40 °C or 100 °C. In the case of lubricants, it influences the lubricating behavior, surface dispersion, and heat transfer, while in the case of (bio-)diesel fuels it has a direct effect on the operation of the fuel pump and injection system. Keeping track of this important parameter, in addition to density, is therefore paramount.

Welcome to Anton Paar’s SVM 1101 Simple Fill Viscometer! Welcome to New Viscometry

Anton Paar’s SVM 1101 Simple Fill kinematic viscometer is perfect for testing the viscosity and density of petroleum products at temperatures between 15 °C and 100 °C. A truly portable device, it weighs only 6.5 kg and consumes so little power (75 W) it can even run on batteries – an unparalleled feature for an instrument of this price and precision.

The Simple Fill funnel lets the user perform semi-automated measurements – very little training is required to obtain accurate results. Not only is there no need for a syringe to fill the sample (it can be poured directly from the container instead), but cleaning and drying are also automatic thanks to an integrated air pump. All this contributes to the very short operator time of just two minutes per measurement. In addition, FillingCheck™ technology ensures accurate filling at all times.

SVM 1101 Simple Fill covers a wide range of petroleum samples, allowing measurements in the density range from 0 g/cm3 to 3 g/cm3 and the viscosity range from 0.3 mm2/s to 1000 mm2/s. And all of this in full compliance with ASTM D4052, D5002, and ISO 12185 for density.

These are just some of the highlights of SVM 1101 Simple Fill. Follow the link below to discover its full capabilities.

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