• Anton Paar’s New ETD 300: High-Temperature Viscosity Measurements for Asphalts and Bitumen

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Anton Paar’s New ETD 300: High-Temperature Viscosity Measurements for Asphalts and Bitumen

Dec 12 2023

ETD 300 is an accessory for ViscoQC 100 and ViscoQC 300 that transforms your standard rotational viscometer into a high-temperature viscometer designed to provide a stable and precisely controlled sample environment. The temperature device offers a temperature range from 25 °C to 300 °C and is fully controlled via the ViscoQC display.

Customized automation

One of the standout features is the total control via the viscometer’s display and the ability to set up your own automated measurement methods. Users can define test parameters, such as temperature, shear rate, and testing time, directly on the viscometer to match their specific application requirements. This empowers users to optimize their testing processes without the need for separate temperature program synchronization, which saves time and resources.

A specific highlight is the already pre-programmed ASTM D4402 method. With just a push of a  button, you can run a fully automated and compliant test without the need for any further interference, which frees up valuable operator time.

T-ReadyTM: Precise temperature control

Samples like bitumen have a relatively high-temperature equilibration time. Therefore, it is often a challenge to define the appropriate timeframe which has to pass in order to have a fully equilibrated testing sample. For this reason, users often tend to wait too long for a temperature adjustment, which costs them precious time. What is worse, however, is not waiting long enough for a proper temperature adjustment, which will inevitably lead to incorrect viscosity values.

The unique T-ReadyTM function guarantees that the samples of your measurements are always at the correct temperature, saving time for redundant temperature equilibration or preventing premature measurements with non-equilibrated specimens. We like to call it: What you set is what you get!

Premium features as standard

All spindles come with magnetic coupling, making spindle attachment faster, easier, and safer. The hidden champion: automatic spindle recognition with the ToolmasterTM feature, which eliminates human error during spindle selection and guarantees full traceability. This feature also allows spindle dedication to specified methods.

With ViscoQC, you are allowed to forget to check the leveling bubble. The digital leveling and its status are continuously monitored via ViscoQC. This guarantees measurements always have a perfectly leveled setup, which improves repeatability. Last but not least, no extra lab space is required because ETD 300 only needs to be placed under ViscoQC and requires no separate temperature controller.

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