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Jun 29 2009

Ametek’s (USA) Model 9000 RM is a rugged single or multi-component gas analyser housed in a single 19-inch, rack-mountable unit that can be integrated into Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) systems or used alone for a variety of gas monitoring applications.

The Model 9000 RM can be configured to measure most gas species that absorb in the UV (examples NOx, H2S and SO2). The optional low range white cell provides longer path length for measuring lower concentrations. For example, the minimum full scale for SO2 is 25 ppm, with an accuracy of 1% of full scale.

Resolution better than 0.02 nm is provided by high intensity, line source lamps. These sources emit at a fixed wavelength, providing great measurement stability, and emit low total power, removing the potential for sample photolysis. The high resolution enables unparalleled linearity over a wide dynamic range (less than 1% deviation over 4 to 5 orders of magnitude) which, in turn, leads to simple, robust data analysis.

The simple and robust design of the Model 9000 RM is complemented by its powerful data processing capabilities. All parameters accessible, graphing, logging, trending are available by remote and local access. The user-friendly keyboard and built in display enables programming of such variables as timing and frequency of local zero and span checks and calibration gas values. The Model 9000 RM supports RS-232, Modbus/RS485 and Web Interface/ Ethernet connectivity.

The Model 9000 RM draws on Ametek’s more than 30 years experience in the design and development of sophisticated process analysers. Its modular design turns trouble-shooting and repair into simple tasks that can be performed on site in minutes by plant personnel.

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