• Neste celebrates approval for unrestricted sales of 100% renewable diesel in Germany

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Neste celebrates approval for unrestricted sales of 100% renewable diesel in Germany

May 29 2024

Neste is pleased to announce that Germany has approved the unrestricted sales of paraffinic diesel fuels in accordance with the DIN EN 15940 fuel standard. Previously, 100% renewable diesel, also known as "HVO100," was restricted to specific segments such as non-road vehicles and public transportation. The new regulation allows for the sale and use of 100% renewable diesel across all segments in Germany. This move aligns Germany with other EU countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden, where the public sale of 100% renewable diesel has been permitted for some time.

"The approval for the sale of 100% renewable diesel at public fuelling stations in Germany provides essential regulatory clarity for fuel manufacturers and enables fuel sellers to finally make this lower-emission fuel available to all. This is a milestone on the way towards the urgently needed defossilization of the transport sector, which requires the use of all available solutions," said Jörg Hübeler from Neste’s Renewable Products Business Development team. "Companies and other organizations with private vehicle fleets, as well as private consumers in Germany, can now use 100% renewable diesel to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their diesel vehicles," added Hübeler.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, produced from 100% renewable raw materials, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% to 95%* over its life cycle compared to fossil diesel. It is fully compatible with all diesel engines and the existing fuel distribution infrastructure. With a chemical composition similar to fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel serves as a drop-in replacement, usable at 100% concentration without any modifications to diesel-powered vehicles or their engines. The use of 100% renewable diesel is widely approved by vehicle and engine manufacturers.

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