• New flowmeters offer faster and more reliable data transmission for process industries

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New flowmeters offer faster and more reliable data transmission for process industries

Oct 05 2023

ABB has introduced the CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters with the aim of increasing levels of efficiency for process industries. These advanced flowmeters can draw power from the same Ethernet cable used for data transmission, eliminating the need for separate wiring. This innovative feature not only simplifies installation but also cuts costs while improving the data transmission’s speed and dependability. An ongoing challenge faced by the process industries revolves around the need to simplify and reduce the costs of installation and operation of field instruments, infrastructure, and systems. ABB's new flowmeters, equipped with ProfiNet with Power Over Ethernet, meet this challenge by providing an all-in-one cabling solution.

ProfiNet, a communication protocol within the Operational Technology (OT) is integrated into ABB's CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster. It enables seamless, real-time data exchange while facilitating alarm and diagnostic monitoring, and allows a versatile choice of configurations to ensure robust and efficient communication, not only between the flowmeters themselves, but also across local and wide area networks (LAN & WAN). The new flowmeters, outfitted with ProfiNet, ensure reliable data transmission by providing a steady and uninterrupted power supply. This effectively minimises the chances of data transmission errors stemming from power fluctuations or interruptions, ensuring that the control system obtains precise and dependable data; the transmission of real-time data on flow rates and densities ensures that information remains consistently up-to-date.

Harald Grothey, Global Product Manager at ABB, emphasises the growing reliance on remote monitoring and control in process industries, stating, " Remote monitoring and control are becoming increasingly important in many industries. ProfiNet's high-speed communication capabilities with fast and reliable data transmission mean remote operators can make informed decisions in real-time, reducing the need to travel for on-site support. We are always looking for ways to help our customers become more efficient. By reducing the need for separate cabling, the new CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters are a steppingstone to a more resource-efficient future.”"

To further improve ease of operation, these flowmeters feature a very accessible built-in webserver, reducing the time required for setup and parameterisation considerably. Operators gain access to a comprehensive array of parameters, including measurement range, units, IO configuration, verification, diagnostic settings as well as a data-logging function. As a result, lower commissioning and engineering times lead to significant cost savings, contributing to a more efficient process operation.

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