• ABB opens new flowmeter calibration facility in Germany
    In a ceremony in Minden, ABB CEO Björn Rosengren cut the ribbon to the new calibration hall in the presence of ABB’s Peter Terwiesch, Busi-ness Area President, Process Automation; Reiner Seecker, Factory Manag-er, Minden; Jacques Mulbert, Division President, Measurement & Analyt-ics, and Amina Hamidi, Business Line Manager Instrumentation.

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ABB opens new flowmeter calibration facility in Germany

Jun 08 2023

ABB has inaugurated a new, state-of-the-art process flowmeter calibration facility at its Minden factory in Germany. This latest development has reinforced ABB's commitment to delivering superior calibration capabilities, thus providing customers with extremely high levels of quality and precision for their process flowmeters.

The newly opened calibration hall will enhance ABB's ability to meet the variety of calibration needs of its customers. By accurately measuring inflow, outflow, as well as raw and produced materials, plant operators across industries including chemical, oil and gas, battery, hydrogen, and power will enjoy precise control over their processes, resulting in improved levels of efficiency. Furthermore, this new facility will play a major role in expediting time to market and streamlining production processes, offering a competitive edge to ABB and its customers.

During a ceremony held in Minden, ABB's CEO, Björn Rosengren, officially inaugurated the calibration hall by ceremoniously cutting the ribbon. The event was attended by several highly distinguished individuals, including Peter Terwiesch, Business Area President, Process Automation; Reiner Seecker, Factory Manager, Minden; Jacques Mulbert, Division President, Measurement and Analytics; and Amina Hamidi, Business Line Manager Instrumentation.

"This is an important milestone for us. We are trusted by our customers to make some of the toughest measurement challenges easy," stated Jacques Mulbert, Division President, ABB Measurement and Analytics. "The new calibration hall is a great example of how we streamline our manufacturing capabilities to deliver the best products at the best price to our customers."

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the calibration hall houses two water calibration rigs designed to accommodate a variety of process flow measurement technology, such as Coriolis, Swirl, and Vortex flowmeters. These rigs will provide an exceptional calibration accuracy of less than 0.1%. Additionally, the facility has a density calibration rig specifically to cater for Coriolis flowmeters, as well as air calibration rigs for the thermal mass flowmeter series. Covering an impressive 1200 m² area, the calibration hall offers 375 m² for air calibration and 525 m² for water calibration.

This newly acquired capability empowers the team at the Minden factory to raise its capacity by up to 30 %, while increasing accuracy and augmenting ABB's ability to look after its global customer base efficiently, thereby lowering lead times.

By leveraging ABB's reliable and highly accurate process flowmeters, industries can optimise operational productivity, while simultaneously enhancing energy and resource efficiency.

This exciting development follows ABB’s recent inauguration of their new production hall for traction converters and energy storage systems catering to the railway industry at the Minden site in 2022.

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