• New Feature: Testing Vapor Pressure of LPG

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New Feature: Testing Vapor Pressure of LPG

Sep 19 2012

Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. has upgraded its top-selling portable vapor pressure tester - the MINIVAP VPXpert. After extensive testing Grabner Instruments has released a new method to test Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) up to 1000 kPa pressure. The MINIVAP VPXpert tests according to ASTM D6897, the Grabner LPG method, which yields results equivalent to the traditional ASTM D1267 bomb method.

The new LPG method is included with all new analyzers. Existing users of the MINIVAP VPXpert can also upgrade their analyzers for LPG testing free of charge. “In our opinion the MINIVAP VPXpert is the best deal for customers. We are continually improving our analyzers by adding new, thoroughly tested methods and features, to give our customers a competitive edge in terms of costs and ease of use,” explains Dr. Oliver Sauer, Director of Marketing & Sales at Grabner Instruments.

Since its market introduction in 2009, the MINIVAP VPXpert has rapidly become the best-selling vapor pressure analyzer, taking the lead in innovation from its predecessors, the MINIVAP VPS and VPSH. The MINIVAP VPXpert is a fully configured “all-in” analyzer, ready for testing Gasoline (ASTM D6378, D5191), V/L ratio (ASTM D5188), ASTM D6377 (Crude Oil) and ASTM D6897 (LPG up to 1000 kPa). No expensive software or hardware upgrades are required.

The MINIVAP VPXpert was developed by Grabner Instruments, a pioneer and world leader in vapor pressure testing. Grabner Instruments revolutionized vapor pressure testing in 1987 with the launch of the MINIVAP—the world’s first automatic mini-vapor pressure tester that eliminated operator bias and tiresome sample handling that, up to then, had been associated with vapor pressure testing. Over the years, Grabner Instruments has been universally recognized as the worldwide expert in vapor pressure testing, and since 1993, its MINIVAP has served as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s reference instrument for highest-precision vapor pressure measurement.

For further information on expert vapor pressure testing, turn to www.grabner-instruments.com or info.grabner-instruments@ametek.at

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