• High-precision flowmeter now certified for oil and gas custody transfer

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High-precision flowmeter now certified for oil and gas custody transfer

Jul 13 2022

The CoriolisMaster flowmeter, from ABB, has received recognition for its excellent level of precision, by receiving custody transfer standards approval. The CoriolisMaster now provides a new custody transfer application which is approved under OIML R 117-1 and Wellmec standards and certified under Europe’s Measuring Instruments Directive  (MID).

Precise and dependable measurement plays a crucial role in the transfer of the expensive assets found in the oil and gas market. Custody transfer is highly regulated and subject to stringent international and regional regulations and standards.

The CoriolisMaster’s certification accompanies ABB’s Flow-X flow computers; these provide a single hardware and software solution connecting flowmeters, as well as temperature, pressure and density transmitters and chromatographs to calculate the precise volume at normal conditions, along with mass and energy following international standards. The Flow-X reaches the highest levels of accuracy to protect the interests of both buyer and seller; its analogue inputs have an unsurpassed precision of 0.008% over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Frank Frenzel, ABB’s Global Product Line Manager for Process Flowmeters stated, “This certification places ABB at the forefront of custody transfer measurement. We have seen significant growth in this area in recent years, with increased demand for our Flow-X computers, and customers asking for a complete fiscal metering offering. Our CoriolisMaster has never been faster or more precise in its measurements. Certification confirms that it is ideally placed to meet customers’ need for precise measurement, joining the Flow-X computer for unrivalled accuracy in custody transfer applications around the globe.” 

The compact CoriolisMaster has a small footprint thus reducing on-site handling, commissioning and costs thanks to easy installation and its use of less pipeline than other flowmeters on the market require. Substantial communication capabilities offer operators real-time data insights facilitating instant and decisive action, while including ABB’s Ability™ Verification for measurement devices solution enables the flowmeter’s performance to be verified at every stage, either remotely or onsite. 

Even the smallest error in custody transfer data can result in considerable financial loss, so the excellent precision of ABB’s CoriolisMaster makes it the perfect tool for liquid mass flow measurement in the oil and gas related industries. Repeatability is equally important; the stability of this device in maintaining calibration across its lifecycle is a vital factor. The CoriolisMaster also takes away the necessity for an additional inline density meter; it performs direct density measurement thus further improving the precise measurement of liquid and gas flow composition.

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