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First sustainable petrol in UK comes to market

Jul 28 2023

A new era has dawned in the United Kingdom's automotive sector with the launch of the country's first sustainable petrol line, now available at Oxfordshire's Bicester Heritage. 

Engineered by Coryton, the Sustain Classic fuels provide eco-friendly options to the UK's classic car owners. Remarkably, these biofuels allow these vintage vehicles to run on plant-derived petrol without any engine alterations. 

The sustainable range consists of three variants, boasting renewable content of up to 80 percent. Coryton experts assure a reduction of at least 65 percent in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fuels for their greenest product. 

Rated at 98RON, these fuels match the power of super unleaded petrol, albeit at a higher price point, with costs starting at £3.80 per litre. 

Coryton's innovative fuels are part of the second-generation biofuels, crafted from farming leftovers like straw and waste crops unsuitable for human consumption. 

These fuels recycle the CO2 that's already part of our atmosphere, a byproduct of plants' growth process, instead of unlocking additional CO2 from fossil fuel reserves buried underground. 

Notably, these fuels include a low, less than one percent mix of bioethanol, deliberately designed to safeguard the engines of vintage cars. 

With nearly half a million classic cars on UK roads, these fuels could enhance their future sustainability. Coryton emphasises, however, that any vehicle compatible with standard forecourt fuel can benefit from these fuels, not just vintage cars. 

"Every kilogram of CO2 we prevent from joining our atmosphere by swapping fossil fuel with sustainable fuel is a victory," said David Richardson, Coryton's Business Development Director, in a statement. 

He continued, "We don't have to fully convert instantly to create a real impact. As more raw materials become available, these fuels will start to incorporate even higher percentages of sustainable components that can be traced back to their origin." 

Richardson also pointed out the current limited availability of truly fossil-free fuel components but assured that development is in progress. 

"With the right support, the industry will reach its goal – which is why we believe it's crucial to make these products available to consumers. This way, they can realise how straightforward and effective the transition could be." 

The Sustain Classic fuel line consists of the Super 80, Super 33, and Racing 50 variants. The Super 80, with at least 80 percent renewable content and a greenhouse gas reduction of over 65 percent compared to fossil fuels, is priced at £4.65 per litre. 

Meanwhile, the Super 33 offers at least 33 percent renewable content with a minimum of 25 percent greenhouse gas reduction and costs £3.80 per litre. Lastly, the Racing 50, perfect for high-performance and racing applications, boasts at least 50 percent renewable content and a minimum of 35 percent greenhouse gas reduction, and is priced at £5.24 per litre.  

With the introduction of the first sustainable petrol in the UK, the path to a greener, more sustainable automotive sector looks promising. By harnessing the power of nature and innovative engineering, it's evident that we're getting closer to a future where every vehicle can run efficiently without harming our environment. 

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