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What’s Fuelling COP26 Cars?

Nov 12 2021

Despite uniting leaders from around the world in a bid to slash emissions and address the climate change crisis, the COP26 summit has encountered major issues with its fleet of luxury electric cars. Battery-powered vehicles are being used to transport delegates around Glasgow, including more than 200 Jaguar I-PACE SUVs. While the model offers an impressive range of 377 kilometres on battery only, a citywide lack of charging points meant the fleet had to be charged using generators powered by cooking oil.

Cooking oil used to power COP26 EVs

A COP26 spokesperson did stress the cooking oil was recycled and derived from waste products, though the issue highlights the need to boost EV infrastructure in the city and across the UK.

“It’s disgraceful that the UK Government is scrambling to put in chip-fat powered generators at the very last minute,” said Colin Howden, director at not-for-profit sustainable transport group, Transform Scotland. “Governments are great at pretending to take action on sustainable transport, but this reveals the complete lack of preparedness for the wholesale switch away from fossil fuel cars that we require.”

Climate activists push for public transport drive

Howden was also quick to accuse COP26 organisers of choosing private cars in favour of public transport. “Of course, what we do have in Glasgow is a fleet of new electric buses,” he added. “So perhaps this should be used as an opportunity to get some of these world leaders out of their cars and on to buses."

Howden’s comments echo calls from climate change activists who want the government to prioritise public transport, as well as encourage an uptake of other eco-friendly forms of transport such as walking and cycling.

“At the conference electric cars are taking centre stage, while our sustainable form of transport - by far the cheapest and easiest way to cut emissions from transport - doesn’t even get a mention,” said Iona Shepherd, a cycling campaigner for Glasgow-based group, GoBike. “We need the COP to force through better investment and political will for sustainable transport modes if they are serious about the Paris agreement to limit warming to 1.5C.”

Ports aim to go climate-neutral by 2050

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