• Advanced Bio Marine Fuel Testing Using XOS’s Petra Series

Analytical Instrumentation

Advanced Bio Marine Fuel Testing Using XOS’s Petra Series

Dec 14 2023

As the demand for biofuels and biomarine fuels increases, accurate and reliable testing methods become crucial for the safe and efficient operation of marine vessels and transportation modes. The oxygen content in biofuels presents a challenge for XRF sulphur analysis, which can be mitigated by the oxygen correction feature on XOSPetra series analysers. Depending on the analyser type, this correction can be performed either with a matrix-matched calibration using oxygenated samples (Petra 4294 and Petra MAX) or an automatic correction based on a nonoxygenated calibration (Petra MAX only). This feature has been thoroughly tested on various samples with differing sulphur and oxygen content, and is both precise and accurate, with matrix matching showing better accuracy than automatic correction. However, the advantage of automatic correction (and not needing to know the oxygen content of the sample beforehand) may outweigh the accuracy advantage of matrix matching. In addition to providing the most precise and reliable testing solutions for biofuels and bio-marine fuels, XOS is also committed to helping the industry during the transition from conventional fuels to more sustainable alternatives. XOS understand that this can be a complex and challenging process, which is why the innovative company offer comprehensive support and guidance to their customers.

The Petra series measures low-level sulphur and chlorine simultaneously with the push of one button, analysing sulphur and 12 other elements with state-of-the-art ED-XRF technology, testing feedstock to final product in a variety of processes. These analysers perform vertical cup measurements to avoid interference from sediment or particulates settling. It is suitable for use with biofuels, pyrolysis oils, aromatics, conventional petroleum and aqueous matrices, providing automatic sulphur correction when measuring chlorine and automatic oxygen correction for sulphur analysis in biomarine fuels. XOS’s enhanced solver is preprogrammed for biofuels, catalysts, hydrocarbons, petroleum cokes and coal, and aqueous matrices. This highly advanced series of analysers complies with ISO 20884, ASTM D2622, ASTM D7039 & ASTM D7536 ISO 8754, ASTM D4294, ASTM D8252, ASTM D5059 D and IP 336. No gasses or reagents are required, just an electrical socket.

XOS’ highly experienced team of experts is always available to provide technical assistance and advice on how to optimise testing methods for biofuels/bio-marine fuels, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition. By choosing the XOS solution, customers can be confident that they are partnering with a company that is not only providing cutting-edge technology but is also invested in the success of their business and the industry as a whole. Click here for the full article and supporting data.

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