• A precise, efficient, and reliable coulometer that will revolutionise how you perform petrochemical analysis

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A precise, efficient, and reliable coulometer that will revolutionise how you perform petrochemical analysis

Feb 19 2024

If you are tired of inaccurate and time-consuming methods for sulphur and carbon analysis, UIC Inc.'s coulometer is probably the game-changing device you have been waiting for. This innovative instrument harnesses the power of coulometry to deliver unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability for your critical petrochemical measurements.

This device is ideal for the ASTM D 513 - standard test method for total and dissolved carbon dioxide in water, ASTM D 4129 - standard test method for total and organic carbon in water by high-temperature oxidation and by coulometric detection, UOP 826 for carbon dioxide in amine solution and  SOP 2-determination of total dissolved inorganic carbon in seawater.

This sophisticated instrument is the perfect tool for petrochemical engineers who need to measure total sulphur (TS) with confidence, analyse sulphur in crude oil, fuels, lubricants, and more with exceptional accuracy, exceeding conventional methods such as XRF and ASTM methods. Operators can now uncover trace sulphur levels as they detect sulphur with ease, ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance. Thanks to the coulometer’s ability to analyse in a matter of minutes, rather than hours, more samples can be tested, boosting efficiency, optimising workflows and making faster, better-informed decisions.

Frequent calibrations and complex procedures are not necessary; UIC’s coulometer boasts exceptional stability and minimal upkeep, saving valuable time and resources with no calibration necessary. Data analysis has also been simplified thanks to the instrument’s intuitive software and clear results, readily integrated with your existing data systems.

This innovatice device is not simply about sulphur analysis, you can measure total carbon (TC) too, thereby getting a complete picture of your sample composition with dual-element analysis. Thanks to the versatile coulometer’s flexible sample matrices, you can analyse solids and liquids with ease.

Ready to elevate your petrochemical analyses? Contact UIC Inc. today to learn more about the Coulometer and experience the difference precision, efficiency, and reliability can make in your operations.

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