• Trace Level Nitrogen & Sulphur Analysis in Different Matrices

Analytical Instrumentation

Trace Level Nitrogen & Sulphur Analysis in Different Matrices

Dec 05 2013

Modern laboratories are looking for versatile analysers, capable of running all kinds of samples. Following the ASTM methods for Nitrogen & Sulphur combustion analysis, customers are forced to treat the sample by selecting a proper introduction module (e.g. solids boat, liquid boat, direct liquid and direct LPG/Gas).

Traditionally it has been a tedious task to prepare the analyser when a specific ASTM requires exchange of the introduction module. Those tend to be very hot, connection clamps have to be removed and carrier gas tightness has to be established again and again….a lot of time is spent to verify all relevant parameters before running the next sample.

The Xplorer series has no connection clamps. One single pc command retracts the liquid module from the analyser enabling fast and safe exchange to any other module, e.g. for solids. Full exchange within 60 seconds.

Trace Elemental Instruments (Netherlands) proves maximum flexibility, sample versatility and true unattended analysis for manual or autosampler configurations.

Running various sample matrices has become a real pleasure again.

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