• Tier III: Measure Sulfur with the Best Repeatability Available!

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Tier III: Measure Sulfur with the Best Repeatability Available!

Aug 24 2016

Regulations regarding the maximum amount of Sulfur in fuels are getting more stringent: Tier III describes a maximum concentration of 10 ppm Sulfur. Best repeatability and lowest uncertainty in measuring such low sulfur concentrations is becoming a necessity.

Compared to other analytical techniques, Total Sulfur measurement by UV-Fluorescence provides superior repeatability and the highest accuracy. The lowest possible uncertainty of the actual concentration provides better insight over the Sulfur content during the blending process. It ultimately leads to final products with constant quality and Sulfur concentrations under the maximum allowed 10 ppm.

TE Instruments (Netherlands) carried out multiple analysis proving that the XPLORER-S fully complies with the norm as described in ASTM D5453 regarding Sulfur analysis. Accuracy as well as precision tests have been conducted over a period of 10 days at separate locations with different XPLORER-S analyzers. Based upon the results, TE Instruments concludes that the XPLORER-S succeeds with flying colors and is fully compliant with ASTM D5453: 

The STDEV is less than the allowable 0,5 mg/kg at both locations. The maximum STDEV for 9 mg/kg Sulfur is 0,5 mg/kg (STDEV ≤ 1,5 *  (r / 2,77)).

Contact us at www.teinstruments.com or by sending an e-mail to info@teinstruments.com to receive the complete data report from our ASTM D5453/TIER III compliance test.

Discover the smallest analyzer with highest precision in the market: the XPLORER!

Xplore more of our customer solutions at www.teinstruments.com or contact us at: info@teinstruments.com

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