• The smart sample-Prep solution for combustion-IC

Analytical Instrumentation

The smart sample-Prep solution for combustion-IC

Jan 08 2019

TE Instruments has introduced the world’s first independent sample preparation system for combustion ion chromatography: the XPREP C-IC. This unique configuration re-invents automated Combustion-IC analysis through its innovative design and functionalities.

Besides full control over sample combustion, the XPREP C-IC not only collects the oxidized gas stream but also automatically transfers a fraction of the absorbance liquid to any renowned IC system. The ideal solution to cover the increasing demand for corrosive halogens, sulfur, and speciated halide analysis, in a wide range of sample matrices like polymers, organic solvents, and fuels.

The XPREP C-IC operates based on a four-step principle, sample introduction is done either manually or fully automated by means of well-established sampling systems for liquid, viscous, solid, gas and LPG samples. Every sample matrix is completely oxidised in an oxygen-rich environment by the quartz combustion tube. The output gas stream is sparged through the absorbent in the multi-position fraction collection unit. The integrated sampling system handles the addition of required reagents, including hydrogen peroxide. Up to 65 sample positions function as storage of the combusted samples. Once the sample preparation step has been finalized, the sample is automatically transferred from the collection unit towards any IC system where Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, and Sulfur concentrations are determined.

XPREP C-IC is designed to improve productivity and upgrade laboratories with the fastest automated sample preparation system for combustion-IC analysis. Combustion ion chromatography analysis has never been so easy and efficient.

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