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  • The next generation of nitrogen and sulphur analysis is now available!
    Trace Elemental Instruments - the Xplorer-V

The next generation of nitrogen and sulphur analysis is now available!

Apr 09 2021

The Xplorer-V, from Trace Elemental Instruments, is a fully automated nitrogen and sulphur analyser that offers a multitude of features within the smallest of footprints. This analyser is completely optimised for your hydrocarbon sample analysis: offering fast combined TN/TS analysis, top detection performances, smart operation features, and robustness all in one single analyser.  

The analyser produces accurate results rapidly and suggests user actions based on extensive data collection. The Xplorer-V is designed to provide the best analytical experience when running hydrocarbon applications according to relevant international test methods, such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UOP. 

The Xplorer-V utilises an internal 26 position liquid autosampler, vertically oriented furnace, and best-in-class detectors to deliver spot-on liquid sample results in less than 3 minutes. Optionally, the analyser can be configured with sampling systems for the automated analysis of LPG and gaseous matrices. The various system components are perfectly aligned, enabling accurate sample introduction, combustion, and conditioning, which create the ideal circumstances for unparalleled detection performances. This powerful configuration comes together in the smallest combined nitrogen and sulphur analyser on the market. 

With an integrated display with touch screen functionality, controlling the analyser extends beyond PC control. The internal display provides simple but important data from the analyser and handles START/ STOP functions for analytical tasks. Via intuitive LED indications in the sample tray of the integrated autosampler, it is easy to recognise where samples need to be placed. Samples that are being analysed or are finished with their measurement are indicated with different colours.   

All samples are oxidized completely in an oxygen-rich environment at high temperatures. TE Instruments offers a lifetime warranty on the robust dual-zone furnace. By special design and placement of the Xpro-Vtm combustion tube, a forced collision flow heading down the tube is created. After passing the internal filter, all gases need to go up again to the exit. With this combustion setup, a longer pathway is created, forcing all the gasses to travel an extended pathlength. Due to its unique design, the Xpro-V™ combustion tube requires no consumables, such as catalysts or quartz wool. Custom introduction inlets are available for the most challenging applications. Combustion tubes and sample introduction inlets are easily exchanged in less than a minute without using a screwdriver 

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