• Spot On Results for Ultra-low (Bio)Diesel Applications according to ASTM D 5453
  • The results from the Diesel application

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Spot On Results for Ultra-low (Bio)Diesel Applications according to ASTM D 5453

Aug 04 2015

Sulphur dioxide is a chemical compound that occurs in various industrial processes. Refinery products often contain sulfur compounds and their combustion causes sulphur dioxide (SO2), which is harmful to the environment. Throughout the world there is a downward trend in the maximum allowed amount of sulphur in diesel. In general, the bar has been set between 10 and 20 ppm. It is expected that in the future this limit will become even lower internationally (<10 ppm).

“What solution does TE Instruments offer in order to monitor these environmental norms, today and in the future?”

The ASTM D 5453 is the standard test method for determination of total sulphur in liquid hydrocarbons, boiling in the range of 25 to 400 °C with viscosities of 0.2 to 20 cSt at room temperature. TE Instruments (the Netherlands) offers the XPLORER-S combustion analyser as a future - proof solution to pursue these environmental  norms. To show the abilities of the XPLORER-S a Diesel application has been carried out in the range of 0 – 100 mg/L Sulfur. The liquid diesels are introduced vertically by the ARCHIE liquids autosampler but combusted horizontally by the XPLORER-S. After combustion and conditioning, the amount of sulphur is detected by a UV-fluorescence detector.                                                                                                    

The results from the Diesel application are shown in the table above. The low RSD demonstrates that the system gives true and stable results. Supported by the results we can state that the XPLORER-S is perfectly suitable for measuring liquid hydrocarbons in the low range, today and in the future.

*All data is stored on the application lab of TE Instruments, data details can be provided on request.

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