• New Gas Bag Sampling System to Meet with Increasing Demand for Low Pressure Sample Applications

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New Gas Bag Sampling System to Meet with Increasing Demand for Low Pressure Sample Applications

Dec 17 2014

Automatic sample handling using gas bags troublesome?

Analytical laboratories show an increasing demand for Gas matrix samples. TE Instruments (the Netherlands) launches the GBS, Gas Bag Sampling system, to complete the Gas/LPG sampling range together with the GLS (Gas LPG Sampling system).

The GBS is a fully automatic gas bag sampling system operating with the proven TEIS 2 software platform, or as standalone touchscreen device. This makes it compatible to all combustion analysers in the industry.

The ability to connect up to 10 gas bags to the analytical instrument at one time offers the necessary functionality and productivity for high demand throughput laboratories. A sample selection port, driven by software, connects the right gas bag to the elemental analyser. Repeatable sampling per gas bag is a standard feature. The GBS simply works through the sample list until all samples, including replicates, have been analysed.

A must-have feature is the possibility of running a calibration line, just from a single CRM. The GBS automatically selects different volumes, up to 100 mL per gas injection. Flexibility in number of injections (up to 9 injections per analysis) creates great flexibility in creating a calibration for each matrix. Important features, such as leak detection, pressure control, carrier sensing and safety modes are standard.

When connected to the XPLORER analyser, the GBS operates in full slave mode.

TE Instruments Gas Bag Sampling system…simplicity, ease of operation, productivity…

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