• Carefree Analysis of your Gas & LPG Samples

Analytical Instrumentation

Carefree Analysis of your Gas & LPG Samples

Aug 16 2016

Analysing gas and liquefied gas is often seen as difficult and problematic. Gas and LPG sampling systems must be able to handle different kind of pressurised gases. Furthermore, safety is often an issue because such samples are highly flammable and might pose a risk in a laboratory. TE Instruments (Netherlands) developed the GLS auto sampler, enabling safe introduction of pressurized gas and LPG samples in the most convenient way. Key features include:

·         Full Parameter Control: evaporation temperature, flow, pressure(s) and the number of loop injections are monitored at all times and can be set with the Incorporated Touchscreen or TEIS Software.

·         Integrated Sample Loops: 10 mL for gases and 100 µL for LPG’s. 

o   The illuminated sight glass shows whether the introduced LPG sample enters the 100 µL sample loop as a liquid, ensuring that each sampling amount is 100 µL.

o   The 100 µL LPG sample is flash evaporated before entering the Xplorer elemental combustion analyser.

·         Automatic Calibration Function: calibrating out of a single CRM standard through multiple loop injection.

·         Safety Supervision:

o   Gas leakage Sensor

o   Automatic Lock Option

o   Real-Time Sampler Status

o   Double-ended Quick connectors for Gas and LPG inlets.

Safety Supervision

Multiple GLS features guarantee the safest way of handling hydrocarbon gases. A Gas Leakage Sensor constantly measures the composition of the atmosphere inside the sampler. When hydrocarbons are detected, the sampler assumes there is a possible dangerous situation and aborts all activity.

The Automatic Lock Option detects pressure in the connection from the sample cylinder to the GLS. As long pressure is detected, the safety lock will automatically prevent unintended removal of a pressurised sample cylinder. Once the operator closes the cylinder and pressure has been released in the GLS, the safety lock will automatically drop for removal of the pressurised sample cylinder.

Measuring Gas & LPG in the most convenient way

The Automatic Calibration Function will free up time from the operator, while generating the ideal calibration curve using the XPLORER. By setting a number of sample loops using a singular CRM standard, a calibration line can be created.

The internal flow path of the GLS can optionally be Inert Coated to get accurate results at ultra-low sulfur levels. The GLS auto sampler enables safe handling of gas and LPG samples in the most convenient way.

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