• Powerful range of analysers dedicated to the energy and chemical sectors

Analytical Instrumentation

Powerful range of analysers dedicated to the energy and chemical sectors

Apr 07 2022

SRA Instruments, a company based in Italy and France, operates in the field of research, development, customisation and commercialisation of analytical solutions specifically for the energy, chemical, environmental, materials, food and beverage, life science and forensic sectors. SRA is one of Agilent's leading Premier Solution Partners on whose MicroGC, GC, GC-MS, LC, LC-MS and FT-IR instrumentation are based its solutions. It creates specific analysers using the best and latest technologies available, thanks to international partnerships among these there is a complete range of MicroGC systems for gas and VOC analysis in laboratories, on-site and industrial production processes. Compact, robust and customisable, they guarantee the best performance thanks to the SOPRANE CDS chromatographic software developed by SRA.

New powerful gas mixture analyser
SRA Instruments’ new R990 is a powerful gas analyser that can perform gas mixture analyses in a few seconds.

This µGC is perfect to be used in the laboratories, in research or production departments with a particular aptitude to continuous analysis of process gases in gas distribution, pilot plants or synthesis reactors.

The system, available in desktop or rack cabinet version, is compact in its hardware but modular in the choice of the analytical configuration. R990 incorporates an on-board computer with Windows 10 operating system and chromatographic and process software. The touchscreen LCD display offers an easy-to-use feature to manage the start of analysis, instrumental diagnostics and measurement results.

The micro gas chromatograph can be easily integrated thanks to the various communication and automation possibilities, such as Modbus outputs, relays and analogue inputs / outputs.

The analytical architecture consists of modules containing injector, column and microTCD detector, installed in parallel and suitably chosen in number (up to 4) and in the type of column to solve the separation of the compounds. Moreover its architecture allows the replacement of the individual components (injector, column and detector) of the chromatograph directly on-site.

SRA R990 is perfect for the analysis of fuel mixtures, such as natural gas, hydrogen, biogas and biomethane, where it is used for the measurement of the composition, calorific value and impurities present in gases.

MicroGC rack version brings lab precision to the production area
The analytical needs of industry are not always found in a laboratory, for this reason SRA developed and manufacture the MicroGC R490. To adapt to the environment of a control room or production unit, this MicroGC is mounted in a 19-inch rack and can integrate several analytical modules, customised sampling systems, alarm contacts, optional analogue or digital data transmission and can be remotely controlled from a master computer.

It uses the most advanced technologies to perform on-line analyses of vapour and gas phase effluents in most industrial sectors: Natural and refinery gas, petrochemicals, nuclear power plants, biogas, fuel cell, permanent gases, hydrocarbons, catalysis and fermentation process. Its modular architecture enables the most varied applications to be processed and integrated with all control systems.

The SRA R490 MicroGC obtained the Metrological Certification for the measurement of the Calorific Value of Biomethane associated with a volume conversion device in accordance with the OIML-R140:2007 recommendation.

In the metrological version, the following biomethane components are measured: hydrocarbons from C1 up to C3, CO2, N2, O2, H2S and COS.

The addition of a third dedicated channel allows simultaneous measurement of the odorant (THT or TBM), introduced into the gas, to complete the information obtainable from the instrument.

The analyser has an internal computer for remote control over the Ethernet network and transmission of the results via serial Modbus. The instrument has been validated to request only one annual calibration check.

Both MicroGCs are equipped with the Soprane CDS software, a powerful platform specifically developed for this technology, designed by SRA Instruments, which manages the gas chromatographic analysis and all the logical integration of the analyser in the specific context of the measurement: from the automation phase of the sampling to the integration of the signals, until the transmission of the results and the alarms.

Thanks to an innovative, modern and user-friendly architecture, SRA Soprane CDS is a real added value for operators as it widens the applicability of the technique to also include locations outside the laboratory, such as monitoring and online analysis, solving real operational needs and improving the user experience.

From managing sampling systems to communicating with analysers and external interfaces, this software is a smart control centre. The efficient management of the equipment, the collection and integration of signals, the saving of data and the transmission of results to the various control systems of the production plants, guarantee an optimisation of all the operating parameters involved.

To meet specific needs, the software can be customised with user-program writing to make the user experience easier, successful and more enjoyable.

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