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New Literature Available to GC Users

Feb 09 2010

Restek (USA) have recently released 3 new technical brochures of particular relevance to GC users in the oil related sectors. ‘New Solutions for Your Petro Analyses’ (pictured above) includes chromatograms, technical
tips, and products developed specifically for petrochemical testing. Details recommendations for simulated distillation, PLOT column applications, DHA, D3606, biodiesel, permanent gases and hydrocarbons.
(lit. cat.# PCFL1195). ‘Next Generation GC PLOT Columns’ examines new bonded PLOT columns from Restek, which offer significantly reduced particle release, which extends column lifetime and gives highly
reproducible retention times column-to-column. This 8-page flyer illustrates the improved performance of these PLOT columns, as measured by flow restriction and chromatographic separation of various gases and
solvents. (lit. cat.# PCFL1163A).

Finally; ‘Increase Productivity: Get More Runs from Your SimDist Setup Using Next Generation MXT®-1HT Columns’ discusses the new MXT®-1HT SimDist GC columns, which are shown to outperform competitors,
allowing more productive D6352 analyses. Low bleed levels ensure accurate data and longer column lifetime. High efficiency improves resolution, assuring more samples can be run within method specifications. (lit. cat.# PCFL1201).

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