• Mercury and Arsenic Determination in the Petrochemical Industry

Analytical Instrumentation

Mercury and Arsenic Determination in the Petrochemical Industry

Jan 03 2011

P S Analytical (UK) continues to focus its attention both on the application of its products for determining mercury and also on the more fundamental aspects of the science. Applications for petrochemical analysis for mercury levels remain of significant interest, mercury, even at low ppt levels creates significant risks to the processing of petrochemical products. In all fractions of the petrochemical product range, including natural gas, liquefied natural gas and liquid condensates, mercury levels need to be monitored and the mercury removed where necessary and possible.

Working closely with industry and regulators, P S Analytical has installed fully automated systems that meet international safety standards and provide continuous measurements of the mercury levels in the sample streams. Tailoring systems and chemistries to customer requirements and site practicalities has put PSA firmly at the forefront of this analysis.

P S Analytical’s Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers also have applications for the measurement of arsenic. In many petrochemical areas arsenic presents its own problems, especially as it can significantly poison catalytical reactions used in the industry. Working alongside customers, P S Analytical has developed process applications to determine arsenic levels in these products accurately and reliably.

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