• Omnitek introduces new Cito Autosampler for S-flow IV

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Omnitek introduces new Cito Autosampler for S-flow IV

May 18 2021

Omnitek introduces the Cito Autosampler for S-flow IV. The first automatic sampler of its kind for Houillon kinematic viscosity testing. The Cito Autosampler is in-field upgradeable to all existing S-flow IV systems, can service one or even two S-flow IV systems at the same time, providing a capacity of using 8 tubes simultaneously.

Offering high-throughput sampling, Cito eliminates any errors that could be caused by the incorrect injection and frees the operator up to attend to other tasks. Cito works fully autonomously, requiring no operating presence overnight.

Cito consists of a custom robotic arm that is mounted onto a base frame, which can reach and serve up to two S-flow IV instruments, one on either side. Around the base and on the flat top of Cito sufficient space is offered to store pipette racks and sample trays.

Omnitek offers a range of standardised sample trays. The first tray-type offers 2 trays with a total of 96 samples, using 30 ml sample cups that allow for easy filling. The other type contains 2 trays with a total of 192 samples, using 12 ml sample vials often utilised by automatic sample preparation systems. Omnitek offers the possibility of customising a sample tray to facilitate the use of your sample cup or vial. Each tray also contains pipette tip trays for low and high viscosity samples within the range of 2-2,500 cSt at room temperature. Cito will automatically identify which pipette tip should be used based on the expected viscosity provided by the user.

To optimise throughput, Cito will check the availability of all measuring tubes at the time of sampling. When multiple tubes are available at the intended test temperatures, sufficient samples will be drawn up and those tubes will then be sampled consecutively, speeding up the process considerably. In a typical application such as used oil analysis, where most samples will be tested at 40°C and 100°C, Cito will draw up enough sample for both the 40°C and 100°C tubes and then inject the sample in those tubes. It doesn’t matter whether those tubes are in the same system or different systems: Cito will move between the tubes in the most efficient way possible.

Its footprint, speed, easy handling, flexibility, and price point make Cito the ideal autosampler for kinematic viscosity applications. Even when doing only a small number of samples daily, its unattended operation provides a quick return on investment. Additionally, you can rely on Omnitek and our worldwide distributors to support the whole solution of the instrument, software, and auto-sampler, instead of having to deal with different vendors for different parts of an automated solution.

For more information on the Cito S-flow IV autosampler or any of our other viscosity products, please visit our website, call us, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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