• Cutting edge petroleum distillation system ensures simple, safe and reliable compliance with ASTM D1160
    Koehler’s VDS5000 Manual Vacuum Distillation System

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Cutting edge petroleum distillation system ensures simple, safe and reliable compliance with ASTM D1160

Jun 02 2021

Koehler’s VDS5000 Manual Vacuum Distillation System offers the latest design for determining, at reduced pressures, the range of boiling points for petroleum products according to ASTM D1160 and related specifications. The new model features a number of design improvements from its predecessor. The VDS5000 features a removable catch tray that allows for hassle-free removal of the lower receiver. The door hinge system has be modified to reduce footprint while the doors are open. Several shut off and vent valves have also been implemented in the tubing system to prevent leaking when disconnected and to assist in draining of the system. 

Additional features include, a 5 litre stainless steel surge tank in the cabinet to reduce pressure fluctuations during testing.. Dual temperature displays independently show both the overhead and flask temperature of the system. The built-in cooling fan rapidly cools the distilling flask allowing the user to handle glassware and shorten turnaround time in between test runsThe VDS5000 is equipped with a complete glassware set and accessories kit for “turn-key” installation and operation of the Vacuum Distillation System. 

The standard glassware set consists of a 500mL quartz distilling flask with thermowell, vacuum jacketed distilling column and condenser assembly, water jacketed receiving cylinder, 90° elbow adapter tube, Dewar-Type Cold Trap with 10mL graduated receiver and stopcock drain, PT100 probe adapter, PT100 vapour temperature probe and PT100 flask temperature probe. The system also includes an adjustable scissor jack, heating mantle, retaining springs, ball joint clamps, connection tubing, hose clamps, quick connect adapters and fittings for easy connection of jacketed glassware and tubing and vacuum grease. An upgrade to a glassware set composed entirely of quartz is available upon request.

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