• Permeation tube technology and gas standard generator offers ideal solution for accurate gas calibration

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Permeation tube technology and gas standard generator offers ideal solution for accurate gas calibration

Dec 18 2020

KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. is a world leader and provider of permeation devices and instrumentation for creating trace concentration calibration gas standards and complex gas mixtures. Kin-Tek permeation tubes and equipment are used to blend low concentration gas standards required to calibrate high sensitivity chemical analysers in air monitoring, environmental health and safety, research and development, chemical process, and portable and field monitoring applications.

Kin-Tek developed Trace SourceTM disposable and refillable permeation tubes to emit an accurate (nanoliters/minute), steady flow of the trace component compound. Kin-Tek provides permeation tubes for over 550 NIST traceable chemical compounds, including toxic air pollutants, VOC’s, acid gases, amines, sulphurs and hydrides. 

The Trace SourceTM permeation tube technology is employed in Kin-Tek’s gas standard generators to provide accurate, on-demand calibration standards. Kin-Tek’s products include a range of gas standard generators, accompanying modules and permeation devices. Individual gas generator modules can be operated as stand-alone calibrators or be combined into a gas standard generator system configured to solve the most complex applications.

Annual calibration of Kin-Tek equipment will keep your calibration equipment accurate, traceable, and maintained to the highest standard. Kin-Tek offers calibration and recertification services for all Kin-Tek manufactured instruments and refillable permeation tubes.

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