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KIN-TEK New “Flex” Products

Aug 24 2017

KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. introduces the new “Flex” Product Line which includes the flagship FlexStream™ automated permeation system, the 491Flex™ manual permeation system, the EcoFlex™ standalone permeation system, and the CO395Flex™ permeation oven. Each “Flex” product features enhanced oven capabilities using a PID controller for highly accurate temperature control. The “Flex” systems utilize a mass flow controller for precise measurement of gas flow. The FlexStream™ and 491Flex™ product lines expand to use other modules for specific calibration applications such as extended dilution capability (secondary dilution module) or the addition of humidity to the gas mixture (humidification gas module). FlexLink™ software is included with the purchase of the FlexStream™ system to provide the user with a fully automated flexible calibration system. PC interaction supports data logging, flow and temperature monitoring, and remote control capabilities. KIN-TEK Gas Standards Generators use Trace Source™ Permeation Tubes to generate accurate calibration gas standards traceable to NIST.

KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. is a leader in providing Trace Concentration Calibration Gas Standards. KIN-TEK manufactures permeation devices and instruments that are used for dynamically creating and dispensing high quality gas mixtures used as calibration gas standards.

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