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New Generation of Refinery Gas Analyser

Feb 04 2010

Joint Analytical Systems (Germany) has introduced its next generation of unique and user-friendly analysers for the hydrocarbon processing industry. This special and unique JAS Mach-RGA is based on Agilent 7890 GC platform with dual TCD and a single FID channel. The system is optimised for refinery gases from C1 ~ C6+, CO, CO2, O2, N2, He, H2 and H2S in an analysis time of less than 5 min., using specially coated micro
packed & capillary columns. If H2S is required to be analysed, then the cycle time will be extended by 2min. The system has a LDL of 0.01% for hydrocarbons and permanent gases and 0.1% for HvS. The Mac-RGA comes with an option to include additional applications to analyse LPG with liquid injection valve using back pressure regulators to ensure consistent liquid phase injection. The system can also be used to detect trace level of CO and CO2 down to 0.1ppm using the special JAS methaniser. This additional application will run separately from the standard RGA method and will only cost a small fraction of an additional GC if such application is desired. JAS’ Mach-RGA system not only saves costs but also bench space in the laboratory.

In LPG streams JAS Mach-RGA can analyse all relevant compositions in less than 5min. It is also possible to configure the system as a backup to analyze trace hydrocarbons in bulk gases including ethylene, propylene and butene. This unique analyser comes with an extensive kit of tailor-made consumables and software and is ready-to-use.

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