• New generation of portable and easy-to-operate fuel testing instrumentation

Analytical Instrumentation

New generation of portable and easy-to-operate fuel testing instrumentation

Nov 18 2022

eralytics’ latest generation of analysers are extremely robust, compact and versatile offering users a dependable solution for on-site use and laboratory operation. 

The ERADENS X is the smallest and lightest high-precision density meter measuring in full compliance with ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 on the market. Its unique, state-of-the-art vertically aligned x-oscillating metal U-tube design is completely dependable and can operate flawlessly in the harshest environments, making it ideal for density testing in stationary and mobile labs. This instrument offers users precise 5-digit density results. eralytics’ patented full range guarantees the highest level of precision over a 0 -100 °C temperature range. . 

The ERAVISC X is the smallest and most robust kinematic viscometer, with lab-grade accuracy conforming to ASTM D445 and ASTM D7042, on the market. ERAVISC X features a unique, cutting-edge viscosity cell combined with eralytics’ exclusive x-oscillating metal U-tube density meter enabling simultaneous and extremely accurate density readings in accordance to ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 criteria. 

eralytics’ ERACHECK X, is a very user-friendly portable oil-in-water tester that generates results in less than 5 minutes. The ERACHECK X complies with the ASTM D8193 IR oil-in-water standard for measuring TOG, TPH, and FOG in water with sub-ppm accuracy. Its robust and compact design, makes it the perfect solution for rapid, on-site compliance testing even in the harshest industrial environments.

The ERADENS XS is the first 5-digit field density meter; measuring density in accordance to ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185. This fully metal instrument is highly robust, weighing in at just 2.1 kg. and can operate in environments with extreme temperatures, high shock loads, and vibrations. 

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