• Unleash performance with limitless asset health management

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Unleash performance with limitless asset health management

May 16 2023

Your ambition has no limits, so neither does BKV Beyond. The new platform from Brüel & Kjær Vibro extends condition monitoring from edge to enterprise.  Whether you work in LNG production or thermal power, you can unleash your plant’s performance with actionable insights – identified by artificial intelligence (AI), verified by experts.

Get everything you need to succeed

BKV Beyond brings together all the elements you need to unleash performance. This starts with BKV Collect sensors. They fit directly to your machines and connect wirelessly, making installation quicker and easier. Next, you can bring together all this sensor data securely and centralize your communications with BKV Connect gateways.

If you prefer, you can then track this data on-premises. But the real power is in the BKV Beyond software-as-a-service (SaaS) package. This turns raw data into smarter decisions.

Fix faults faster with actionable insights

With the BKV Beyond SaaS package, you can combine your sensor data with other sources from across your business. Built-in AI instantly analyzes these millions of data points to detect faults with your plant before they become a problem.  It also identifies the root cause and suggests a solution.

To make sure you get a diagnosis you can depend on, a qualified engineer reviews every solution the AI suggests. So your maintenance teams can confidently act on BKV Beyond’s actionable insights, preventing unexpected outages and only scheduling maintenance when it’s needed.

Embrace the future with ease

Don’t worry about complex update procedures or lengthy rollout projects. When you connect your machines with BKV Beyond platform, Brüel & Kjær Vibro handle all system upgrades and critical security patches. What’s more, these updates are instantaneous and don’t interrupt your operations. Making it easier for you to stay protected and one step ahead of the competition.

Keep getting better and better

BKV Beyond doesn’t ever stop.  The AI is always learning, so it can better understand how your organization works. While Brüel & Kjær Vibro will continue to handle new features. So as time goes on, the system will only become more useful. Helping you fix faults even faster and power-up your processes. So you can keep your machines moving.

A trusted partner that goes beyond

Brüel & Kjær Vibro is the world’s leading independent supplier of condition-monitoring solutions for rotating machinery. BKV Beyond is the latest innovation from a company that has 80 years of experience. In that time, they’ve helped customers protect their assets from catastrophic failure, and plan their maintenance based on actual mechanical conditions.

Today, the company monitors one-fifth of the world’s LNG production. Its experts also help keep critical systems running for thermal, hydro, and wind power as well as general industry. The is no limit to what you can achieve working together.

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